Nespresso is a coffee concept based on the use of long-life ground coffee in aluminum coffee cups. It is a concept developed by Nestlé. Both the capsule and the method of brewing coffee are patented, so that initially coffee could only be brewed exclusively with Nestlé Nespresso cups.

Nespresso cups

If you put a Nespresso capsule in the machine, you can make coffee with one touch of a button. The cup is perforated by the device and hot water is forced through it under a pressure of up to 19 bar. You can then throw the cup away.

The cups or capsules are quite expensive, but since some of the patents expired in 2012, all kinds of other coffee brands also produce the capsules. These also fit in the Nespresso machines, which means that drinking coffee has become a bit cheaper. Still, it is questionable to what extent this is a cheap alternative to version coffee from the fully automatic coffee machine.