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Do you like tasty or cheap? Most people like coffee from freshly ground beans better than coffee from pods. Home-ground coffee beans are often cheaper to use than pads. With beans you automatically earn back a more expensive machine. For some people, coffee cups are the middle ground in terms of taste experience, but coffee cups are expensive to use again.

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Nespresso is a coffee concept based on the use of long-life ground coffee in aluminum coffee cups. It is a concept developed by Nestlé. Both the capsule and the method of brewing coffee are patented, so that initially coffee could only be brewed exclusively with Nestlé Nespresso cups.

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Dolce Gusto

Dolce Gusto® is a Nescafe® concept. Dolce Gusto® Coffee Machines are used in the so-called Dolce Gusto® way. This means that you can make coffee at home with the push of a button. Dolce Gusto® has an enormous variety of coffees and even tea and chocolate milk.

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ESE Servings

Coffee from ESE pods approaches the taste of really fresh coffee. These pads are similar to Senseo pads but are of much better quality. Each pad is packed airtight. The taste is often experienced as very good. However, the ESE pads or servings are expensive to use. The price of the machines is between the fully automatic bean machine and a Nespresso or Dolce Gusto machine.

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Automated coffee machine

With the fully automatic bean machine you can make delicious fresh ground coffee. You fill the machine with fresh coffee beans. When you make a cup of coffee, the beans are first ground and a cup of coffee is automatically made from the freshly ground coffee. Most machines have the ability to control the grinding degree and strength. You can also make a latte machiato or a cappuccino with most machines.

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