Beneficial Coffee

Do you want to drink cheap coffee? Then think carefully about which coffee machine you use. The purchase of a Nespresso or Dolce Gusto coffee machine is often quite affordable. But the price of the coffee cups is often very high. You can of course take affordable private label coffee cups, but they are often less tasty. The same applies to the ESE servings, of which not only are the pads less affordable, but the machines can also be quite pricey. But there are good alternatives for cheap coffee drinking.

Affordable and tasty with the fully automatic bean machine

As mentioned, coffee cups or coffee pads are often less affordable. But coffee beans have a much cheaper price. Of course you can also find coffee beans in all kinds of prices, but on average you are much cheaper than with cups or pads. Of course, a bean machine has a higher price, but you can easily earn that back. You can calculate that here.

Drinking coffee cheaply with the coffee calculator

Calculate for yourself how cheaply you drink coffee. Indicate in which price segment you would buy your machine and what quality of coffee you want. Also indicate how much coffee you make per day. The calculator will then automatically calculate with which coffee machine you drink coffee the most cheaply. We take everything with us, we look at the purchase price of the machine, the price of the coffee beans and the price of coffee cups or coffee pads. We also look at the costs of depreciation of the machine and the costs of maintenance.

Calculate here how you can drink coffee cheaply.