cheap coffee for you

What is cheaper? Drink coffee with coffee cups, coffee pads or with fresh coffee in a fully automatic bean machine?


When thinking about coffee capsules, think of Nespresso. In this concept, long-life ground coffee is placed in an aluminum capsule (coffee cup). That’s what you make your coffee with. The taste is good but it can be expensive.

automatic bean-to-cup machine

With the fully automatic bean to cup machine you can make delicious fresh coffee. When you make coffee, the beans are first ground and a cup of coffee is automatically made from the freshly ground coffee. This is often cheap to use.

ESE Pads

Coffee from ESE pods approximates the taste of fresh coffee. These pads resemble Senseo pads but are of much better quality because each pad is packaged airtight. The pads are not cheap, but they are tasty.

Our story

Already 10 years ago we ordered our coffee cups from Nespresso. It was October and we saw that we had already ordered €350 worth of coffee that year. We thought that was a lot. On “the back of a beer mat”. we calculated that it would be much cheaper for us to work with fresh coffee and to buy a more expensive coffee machine. We have been doing this to our complete satisfaction for 10 years now and have already saved more than 1000 euros!

coffee with fresh coffeebeans

Purchasing most automatic bean to cup machines is more expensive. Basic machines start from around 350 euros, but the price goes up to over 1000 euros. That seems expensive, but grinding fresh beans is many times cheaper than purchasing Nespresso coffee capsules or ESE pods. For those who drink more than one cup a day, it quickly becomes an economical choice. Of course you can also buy very expensive beans, but you should not compare apples and oranges. If you buy expensive coffee beans, you should compare them with the more expensive Nespresso coffee capsules or ESE pods.

Coffee from ESE pods approaches the taste of really fresh coffee. These pads resemble Senseo pads but are of much better quality. Each pad is packed airtight. The taste is often experienced as very good. However, the ESE pads or servings are expensive to use. The price of the machines is between the fully automatic bean machine and a Nespresso or Dolce Gusto machine.

ESE Servings

THE ESE pods were invented by Illy and are also called E.S.E (Easy Serving Espresso Pod). These are small compressed coffee pods containing 7 grams of coffee. The pad is used in special espresso machines that fit these pads. You should not compare the pads with Senseo pads because the quality is much higher. Not only Illy offers the pads. Lavazza, for example, but also various private brands also offer the pads. Some E.S.E. machines also contain a piston in which you can put freshly ground coffee. That is very affordable and you can choose how you want to make coffee.