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Are you unsure about purchasing an expensive coffee machine? That is understandable, but you are not always more expensive. Coffee beans are usually cheaper than cups or pads. And so you often earn back automatically when using a more expensive machine. Therefore do the calculation here.

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Beans or coffeecups?


Do you choose grounded coffee beans? 
Or do you prefer the convenience of coffee cups?

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When we talk about coffee pods, we are not talking about Senseo coffee here. You can argue about taste, but the Senseo pads really do not appeal to us. But there are also the so-called ESE servings or pads. You place this in a special ESE machine. Sometimes these with one piston are also suitable for using freshly ground espresso coffee.


Ground beans

Do you like the taste of fresh coffee beans? This is often the best choice.


There are many people who really like the Dolce Gusto cups. The cups are a bit more expensive than fresh coffee, but the machine is cheaper.


Coffee from ESE pods approaches the taste of fresh coffee. They are expensive but the machines are in the middle.  


Original Nespresso cups contain tasty coffee but are pricey. Whether you also like private label cups is a matter of taste. The machines are very affordable.